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Indonesia has more than 69 volcanoes based on eruption that had occurred since 1900.

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List of East Java Volcano of Indonesia

Volcanoes have a special attraction to visit, both the object of observation and recreation. The number of volcanoes in Indonesia is more than 69 volcanoes, spread across the Indonesian archipelago. Volcanoes of Indonesia usually have interesting places, such as the beautiful lakes, besides its natural beauty. They also have their own story, as told from generation to generation by their people. Tengger (Bromo) Bromo is the most visited Volcano in Java and already visited by tourists since many years ago (1969 as recorded by Local Department of Tourism). Several years ago, the transport of Probolinggo to Mount Bromo is very difficult to obtain, usually the tourists had to walk from Probolinggo to Mount Bromo (it is about 45 km). (until 1980’s). Now, Bromo has a good transportation and accommodations such as hotel andhome stay, and more view points: Pananjakan 1 View Point, Pananjakan 2 View Point, Lava View Point, Cemara Indah View Point, Also additional tourism objects: Widodaren Waterfall, Bat Cave, Temple of Tengger (Hindu Temple), Ranupani lake (near Mount Semeru), Madakaripura Waterfall. And some beautiful objects for photography. The nearest village with good accommodation is Cemara Lawang. There are many hotels and Restaurants. Cemara Lawang is the final stop of your public transportation from Probolinggo. Pananjakan 1 View Point Source: Bromo Pananjakan 2 View Point Semeru Mount Semeru is just south of mount bromo. It is just 2 hours by Jeep, you can get to Semeru foothill from mount Bromo. It is recommended to visit Semeru by Bromo, with consideration of transportation easier and safer. Moreover, The tourists will climb into the crater Semeru, must get permission from local authorities, and accompanied by guides from the local population, or designated by the authorities, for their safety. Lakes around Semeru:

– Ranu Pani (Pani lake)

– Ranu Gumbolo (Gombolo lake)

– Ranu Bedali (Bedali lake)

– Ranu Gumbolo (Gumbolo Lake)

Route from Probolinggo to Semeru Map of Bromo and Semeru.

The best Route to go to Semeru is from Probolinggo to Bromo and to Semeru

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