Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour

Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour Package, Most visitors to Mount Bromo to see the beauty of Sunrise but note that there is a phenomenon of natural beauty that should your enjoy namely “Milky Way Bromo“.

Milky way is a collection of millions of stars that have a volume such as dust and gas located in the disk / galactic plane. The best time to see the phenomena milky way between at 07pm – 04 am. If you interest the mount bromo tour package for milky way you can join with schedule bromo camping tour or bromo photography tour 2 days 1 night or bromo milky way tour package without stay.

Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour Package

Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour

Itinerary Milky Way 2 Days 1 Night

Day 01 : Pick Up Point – Mount Bromo Hotel

Pick you up with a private car from surabaya airport or train station. Then went on a trip to the hotel in the area of Mount Bromo with a 3 hour duration.

Arriving at the hotel, then check in at hotel bromo to stay for one night while enjoying the atmosphere of Mount Bromo.

Day 02 : Bromo Milky Way – Sunrise – Savana Teletubbies Hill and Whispering Sand – Transfer Out

This trip will be begun from your hotel at midnight (around at 00am) and use 4WD vehicle or jeep to reach the place which is best point to see Milky Way in Mount Bromo area. After spend your time to see Milky Way, you will be brought to Mount Pananjakan on the rim of Tengger caldera as known as view point to see sunrise with its young volcanic including Mount Bromo and an active Mount Semeru as background.

Afterward, our jeep will bring us to continue trip to reach the parking area of 4WD vehicle (jeep) by passing the amazing view on the slope of Mt. Bromo, then from parking area you are required to cross seas sand on the slope of Mt. Bromo by horse riding or on foot (it is optional) still reach the stairs up (more than 250 stairs) at the slope of Mt Bromo which it will lead you to reach peak of Mt Bromo.

After enjoy nice view in Mt. Bromo crater and around at 08:00 am continue trip for about 1,5 hour driving by 4WD vehicle/ jeep to reach “the savanna/ teletubies hill” by crossing the seas sand in Tengger region which it is bordered by mountains. After enjoying & take pictures, we will escort you back to the hotel for having breakfast. After having breakfast,loading your bags and transferout to surabaya. End our trip.

Itinerary Milky Way Tour Without Stay

  • Picked up from Surabaya / Malang at 06-07 pm and then tranfer Toward Mount Bromo
  • Arrive at Mount Bromo suttle point around at 11:00 pm, then directly tour with Jeep 4WD headed to Pananjakan 1 to see Milky way and Bromo Sunrise
  • After finish enjoying sunrise at Pananjakan view point then drive down toward the sea of sand, and 4WD Jeep stopped in parking area.
  • And the tour participants can walk or ride a horse to get to the crater of Mount Bromo.
  • After finish enjoy of the crater in Bromo, 4WD Jeep will take an transfer back to suttle Point in Mount Bromo.
  • Our staff will take you back to Surabaya or Malang.
  • Finished

The Price of Mount Bromo Photography Milky Way

” Please Contact Us “

Tour incudes :
– Transport Private In Out (gazoline + driver)
– Accomodation 1 Night Hotel in Bromo (By Request) ==> Optional : bromo camping tour for milky way, if you did not want to stay at the hotel

– Entrance fee Bromo
– Jeep 4WD Milky Way And Sunrise Tour Bromo

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How do you take a picture of the Milky Way at Bromo?

There are several steps for photographing the Milky Way on Mount Bromo that you must understand. Location and conditions of the dark sky and sunny weather, use a capable photographer (camera) with a wide view equipped with a tripod

When can I shoot the Milky Way (Best Time)?

In general, it can shoot the Milky Way all night in Bromo when it is not the full moon. But the best months for photographing the Milky Way are from April May to July August at midnight between 10pm – 02am.

Where can I take photos of the Milky Way?

The best place to shoot the Milky Way on Mount Bromo is on the Kingkong hill and sea of ​​sand because this location is far from light pollution.

How cold is Mt Bromo at midnight?

If your going for the Milkyway at midnight, at night on the top of Mt.Bromo the temperature is around 5°-15°C.

What do you wear to Mount Bromo?

Because this trip is midnight with the position at the top of Bromo then you must wear a thick jacket or sweater, hiking pants, socks, shoes, gloves, head cover, a scarf that can be used to protect from cold temperatures and dust.

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