Mount Bromo Entrance Fee 2024

Mount Bromo Entrance Fee – before you plan a trip to Mount Bromo it is important to know the Entrance Fee for Mount Bromo in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area, East Java. There is a difference in the price of entrance fee for weekdays or weekdays between the entrance fee for domestic and foreign tourists.

Mount Bromo Entrance Fee

Mount Bromo Entrance Fee 2024

Mount Bromo and Surroundings
Weekdays :
Demestic Tourist IDR 29,000
Foreign Tourist IDR 220,000
Weekends :
Demestic Tourist IDR 34,000,-
Foreign Tourist IDR 320,000,

Towards the location of Mount Bromo there are several general routes that are well known to the public, including the southern route Mount Bromo from Malang – Tumpang – Gubugklakah, which is also the same direction as the route to Ranu Pani and Semeru.

Then the route from the city Pasuruan and the most popular is the route to Mount Bromo from Probolinggo. The route via Probolinggo is more desirable because of the many available hotels close to the Mount Bromo area and jeep rental.

Booking Online Mount Bromo Entrance Fee

It is important for you to know the price information for the entrance ticket to the Bromo Tengger Semeru tourist area, especially if you have to plan your own tourism activities without a tour agent or tour package. However, if you use a tour service, the Bromo Tour package from Malang and Surabaya is available departs every day, is included with the entrance ticket to the Mount Bromo tourism area.

How To Online Booking Mount Bromo ?

Based on the following information on the official Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park site, below a guide booking entrance fee to enter Mount Bromo area.

1. Open Official Website Online Booking

What needs to be prepared first is a celluler or laptop. Open browser application to access online booking site at the link

Press button the Book Now.

2. Check and Complete the Terms

Before registering, for each individual/group who wants to do a visit to Bromo and its surroundings, are welcome to observe the registration procedure carefully. Regulations and Prohibitions are things that must be obeyed by potential visitors. The important things you need to have and know before registering are:

-Make sure to bring a photocopy of a valid official identity such as an ID card, KTM or Passport
-Age restrictions on visitors between the ages of 14 to 60 years who are allowed to enter the Bromo area
-Bring a health certificate which also states that there are no symptoms of Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI).
-Payment can only be made via BRI Virtual Account

All requirements filled in must be accounted for, if they are not appropriate/incomplete, permission is not given to do Bromo tours, and the money that has been transferred cannot be taken back.

3. Choose Sunrise Date (not departure date)

The next step is to choose a sunrise schedule at Bromo, don’t make a mistake with the schedule. What is meant is not the departure schedule but when the sunrise arrives in the Bromo area

4 Select Entrance Gate and Vehicle Type

There are 5 (five) tourist destinations on Mount Bromo that are chosen and provided for travelers.

-Love Hill
-Kadaluh Hill
-Penanjakan Hill
-Savannah Teletubbies

5. Complete the data of the leader and the number of members

Next, enter the stage of filling in the number of members brought, both Indonesian Citizens (WNI) and Foreign Citizens (WNA).

If you bring an Indonesian citizen, just fill in the column for the number of Indonesian citizens. If you bring a foreigner, fill in the column for the number of foreigner members.

6. Check virtual account number

The next step, you can check the virtual account number. You can check it through the online booking website page. Enter the booking code on the search page on official website or email group leaders.

Next, make a payment with a virtual account. If payment is not made within 2 hours from the time of registration or booking, it will be automatic cancel.

7. The group leader receives SMS and email

After making the payment, the group leader will receive an SMS and email proof of payment. Save the payment SMS because it will be used as proof of payment at the location.

8. Check booking status

You can check the status of your booking again by visiting the online booking website page official. The trick, enter the booking code on the search page on Mount Bromo online booking website. If it is successful, then the booking status will be written Approved.

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